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Core Features of Airfold

  • Ingestion - Send thousands of events per second directly to Airfold without ever worrying about batching or scheduling.
  • Pipelines - Build SQL and AI pipelines directly in Airfold, using a declarative syntax that makes it easy to maintain and collaborate.

Airfold pipelines are like dbt but for real-time. Or like Terraform for data pipelines, a sort of “data pipelines as code” that similarly integrates with Git and PR-oriented development that engineers know and love.

  • Publish - Publish the result of any pipeline as a low-latency, highly concurrent endpoint. With automatically generated Swagger. Those can be easily shared with your team and look like any other REST endpoint, hiding all the complexity from your users.
  • Observability - Monitor the health of your pipelines and endpoints in real-time with latency, error, and throughput metrics.
  • Collaboration - Use the UI to explore all the pipelines in your team, including dependency graph, descriptions, schemas, SQL, etc. Onboard new members quickly, share easily, collaborate seamlessly.
  • Git - Use git to version Airfold files, and easily utilize the Airfold CLI in your CI to push changes into an Airfold workspace whenever changes are merged into main. This enables a PR-oriented workflow that is familiar to developers.